Laurie Piton’s Photography Class




Since 1991, Creative Imagery, Inc. has been offering photography programs to local park district students in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Our classes have equal part instruction and hands-on experience. The instructor, Laurie Piton (Laura Piton) a working professional, uses her experience of on-location assignments to aid the students in real life photographic situations.

Courses include: Digital Photography, Digital Photography and Using the Computer, Advanced Digital SLR Photography, and Composition. Below are descriptions of the listed courses.

Learning Your Digital Camera Class Description ( Digital Photography I)
Are you still wondering about all the features of your newly purchased digital camera? This class will teach you digital camera basics, including pictures as pixels, memory, resolution, choosing your digital camera and exposure control. Soon you will be taking photos digitally and emailing them to friends and family as well as creating beautiful memories to come. Class offered for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.

Learn To Fix Your Digital Pictures (Digital Photography II - Exploring Digital Photography With The Computer)

Digital Photography II is the extension of Digital Photography I. You will explore in depth photo editing techniques discussed Digital I. The following topics will be covered: color correction, brightness and contras, replacing one part of the image with another, blurring an area of the photo which is in focus already, correcting for improper white balance, sharpening a blurred photo, creating a card in word using a photo. Participants need to bring a laptop computer to class. Class offered for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.


Digital III INTERMEDIATE Fix Your Digital Pictures with Layers
Digital Photography III is taking the skills you learned in Digital 2 to another level utilizing the Layers Technique. Use all the tools you learned in Digital 2 to make Outstanding Layers! Layers will allow you to remove unwanted items from your pictures and blend the new layers of the photo.   Class offered for 4 week, 1.5 hours.

Learn To Use 35mm or Digital 35mm Camera (Photo 1)
This introductory course in 35mm photography utilizing traditional film or digital SLR is designed for Users who want to expand their camera knowledge. Topics include proper exposure, action photos, depth of field, close-up flower photo, methods of focus, camera parts, use of flash, proper maintenance, film speeds, and selection of lens. Note: Participants must bring film and 35mm camera that will work in manual mode or digital SLR (removable lens). Class offered for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.

Learn To Creatively Take Pictures (Photography II - Improving Your Picture Taking Skills)
This course introduces the creative side of traditional film or digital photography. Topics include the use of color, improving composition skills, use of texture in the photo, and lighting. Note: Participants must bring film and a 35mm camera or digital camera. Class offered for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.


This course introduces the art of black and white digital photography. Topics include emphasizing the use and exposure in black and white, improving composition skills and seeing the world in greyscale, use of textures, and lighting. Note: Participants must bring a digita...l camera. Class offered for 4 weeks, 1.5 hours per week.


2 Day Workshop - Refresher Course for Editing Your Pictures. (Digital Photography IV)
Digital Photography IV is a 2 DAY class honing your techniques using layer with the computer. We will answer any questions or issues you might have experienced with and being reviewed or “refreshed”.  Refresh your memory with:  coloring different areas of the picture, making part of the photo in color, rubber stamping, using magic wand to select color the tool bar. Class offered for 2 week, 1.5 hours.

NEW! How to take pictures indoors

Do you rely exclusively on your flash?  Do you get dark pictures

when trying to photograph family events? Are your pictures a little

“blurry”?  This class teaches you how to take pictures indoors

whether you are at a recital or museum. The camera settings

will be discusses and different indoor lighting situations.

2 classes 1.5 hours each

NEW How to take sports/action pictures

Do your indoor action pictures dark or blurry? Do you use a flash

and not get good results?  Do your outdoor action pictures just

not come out right?  This class teaches you the camera settings

needed to take good action pictures whether you are indoors or outdoors.

2 classes 1.5 hours each

1 Day Workshop - Digital Photography In Word

Take your digital photos out of the camera and turn them into memories! In this workshop, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word to import and adjust your digital photos to create beautiful photo cards, creative email flyers, and announcements, and memorable postcards. Please bring CD with your photos on and a laptop computer if possible. Class offered for 1 night, 1.5 hours.

How to take Sports Action Pictures OUTDOORS

Are your outdoor action pictures not as clear as you want or blurry? Do you like to go to car races and not get good results? Are your family members starting sports and you want to take pictures? This class teaches you the camera settings needed to take good action pictures outdoors. This class is for 1.5 hours for 2 classes.

My various classes will teach you how to photograph in Black and White, Master your D-SLR, Understand your point and shoot camera, Learn to be Creative with Composition and Lighting, and Masterfully Edit pics in Adobe Photoshop Elements